photo artist

Jörn Frenzel (* 1973 in Bernau bei Berlin) currently lives and works in Berlin. He has exhibited internationally both as an architect and photo artist.

What I desire, Ostkreuzschule Berlin, Series “Random Harmony” 2021

Unplugged, Ostkreuzschule Berlin, Series “Zeychen und Wunder” 2020

Réenchanter le monde
L’architecture et la ville face aux grandes transitions © 2014 Paris, Cité Chaillot (with vatnavinir, Reykjavik)

Global Award for Sustainable Architecture © 2012 Locus Foundation
Start April 2012 Cité de l ́architecture Paris (with vatnavinir, Reykjavik)

Iceland and Architecture? © 2011 Deutsches Architekturmuseums (DAM) Frankfurt/M und Felleshus Berlin 2012/13 (with vatnvinir, Reykjavik)

Man Made Environment – New Nordic Scopes
© 2010 – 12 Norsk Form (DogA), Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Swedish Museum of Architecture, Museum of Finish Architecture and Nordic House Reykjavik

Ex Terra © 2010 neon chocolate gallery, Berlin, photo exhibition on Icelandic landscape/ architecture

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