photo artist

Jörn Frenzel (* 1973 in Bernau bei Berlin) currently lives and works in Berlin. In 2020 he participated in the group exhibition unplugged of Ostkreuzschule Berlin, Seminar Ina Schoenenburg at Kunstquartier Bethanien. He has exhibited internationally both as an architect and photo artist, including these shows:

Réenchanter le monde.
L’architecture et la ville face aux grandes transitions © 2014 Paris, Cité Chaillot (with vatnavinir, Reykjavik)

Global Award for Sustainable Architecture © 2012 Locus Foundation
Start April 2012 Cité de l ́architecture Paris (with vatnavinir, Reykjavik)

Iceland and Architecture? © 2011 Deutsches Architekturmuseums (DAM) Frankfurt/M und Felleshus Berlin 2012/13 (with vatnvinir, Reykjavik)

Man Made Environment – New Nordic Scopes
© 2010 – 12 Norsk Form (DogA), Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Swedish Museum of Architecture, Museum of Finish Architecture and Nordic House Reykjavik

Ex Terra © 2010 neon chocolate gallery, Berlin, photo exhibition on Icelandic landscape/ architecture

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