strategic design

2014 – 15

[creative waves] at Gremminer See/ Ferropolis, Sachsen Anhalt (Germany)

mit Falk Kagelmacher


various interventions at Westfjords, Iceland as part of vatnavinir Iceland

mobility consultant for innoZ Berlin (Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel)

external linkinnoZ


partner of eyLAND vatnavinir Reykjavík


co-founder of vatnavinir Iceland



Federation Towers Residences & Spa, Moscow (Spa project manager for nps tchoban voss, Berlin)

external linknps Tchoban Voss, Architekten

innovation methodology


Water as ritual inquiry program (consultant for ANCB Berlin)

external linkWater as ritual (Aedes Network Campus Berlin)

design thinking coach at various corporate workshops

(for instance Zumtobel, Bayer Healthcare)


Project manager for InnoZ Berlin: Annual Innovation Workshop of Deutsche Bahn

external linkInnovation workshop Deutsche Bahn

Design Thinking head coach

external link: Deutsche Bahn MovingIDEAS Live Workshop at Betahaus


Teacher at School of Design Thinking, HPI at University of Potsdam

external linkSchool of Design Thinking

lecturing and writing


Re-enchant the world exhibition at Cité de l´architecture, Paris (vatnavinir)

contributor to ré-enchanter le monde book, editions alternatives Paris

essay Fluid Infrastructures in Project Baltia magazine no.22, Russia

Peoples culture as a resource of architecture? (round table discussion in Paris, Cité  Chaillot)

input lecture at tourism workshop Leipziger Seenland

lecture on vatnavinir at UdK Berlin, chair of Prof. Palz


book translation Le Corbusier. Béton Brut and the ineffable space


article on Seljord tower by Eggertson Rintala architects in ORIS magazine

key-note lecture on lakefront development in Petrozavodsk, Russia

lectures on vatnavinir at Nordic Embassies Berlin, art academy Tallinn


Iceland and architecture? exhibition at Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt/M. (vatnanvinir)

interview in exhibition catalogue

lectures on vatnavinir in Norway, Finland, Estonia


man made environment exhibition, DoGA Oslo (vatnavinir)

publication of article The Future of Small Things in exhibition catalogue

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